Verdant Innovations

a wholly owned company of Cellulose Solutions creates 100% green chemicals to support a circular environment & meet consumer safety requirements now and into the future

industries we serve today and into the future

Our first line of green specialty chemicals FIBRE-PURE™ was developed and tested for non-woven, textiles and hemp products as well as Pulp applications. We are committed to assisting brands and consumer product manufacturers to accelerate their sustainability + green initiatives

textile industries fibre pure towels

High Absorbency Textiles

High Absorbency Textiles such as personal hygiene, towels, feminine products and more. 

non-woven industries fibre pure medical uniforms

Non-Wovens & Textiles

Non-Wovens for medical use requiring bacterial protective components and high-quality garments & masks for PPE.

athletic wear industries fibre pure man running

Athletic Wear & Outdoor Clothing

Athletic wear and outdoor clothing requiring wicking and odor control qualities with high quality fabric strength and durability.

hemp industries fibre pure fabric

Hemp production & Products

Hemp production and high-quality hemp materials requiring softness and durability through washing.

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taking green seriously with proven innovation

GREEN Chemistry–What is it exactly?

Cellulose is an organic compound consisting of a linear chain of several hundred to many thousands of linked D-glucose units. Our specialty & performance chemical applications are created from plants, florals, soil and energy forms from the earth that are safe and clean for our environment and people, void of carcinogenic components or other toxic substances.

Without the full replacement of harmful chemicals in the product lifecycle from design to treatments and finishing of products, authenticity is questionable.


Our Green + Sustainability Report

extend your think tank with predictive R&D
from ideation to creation

We extend your R&D from Ideation to Creation with our Predictive Research & Development formulating exclusive and specialized green chemical recipes that meet our clients’ specific requirements delivering high-performance specialty formulations from earth’s natural resources.

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safer. stronger. sustainable.
boost consumer benefits & deliver on your promise

Our specialty green chemicals, developed for your specific products and processes accelerate your green + sustainability initiatives.


Consumer awareness is high specifically amongst GenZ and Millennials. Product Transparency has never been more important for brands to gain and retain customer loyalty and trust


Remove toxins and known and suspected carcinogenic components by replacing toxins in current chemical formulations or moving to 100% green specialty formulations


Move to 100% green specialty formulations for higher quality, safer products and increase margins with optimization of processing, operations, chemical compositions designed specifically for your business needs


Gain a competitive edge and be able to claim authenticity for your products while producing high quality and safe consumer products. Stay in the forefront with Predictive Research & Analysis and plan today for the future


Hemp is the fastest growth sustainable and green fabric for wovens and non-wovens. Increase production of Hemp as a farmer and gain high quality, durable fabrics for your brand

what’s in it for me?
textiles, non-wovens, hemp


VP Sustainability

  • Accelerate Sustainability + Green initiatives with proven 100% green chemicals created from earth’s natural resources
  • Fibre Modification performed by applying changes, testing and measuring results personalized for your products and production environment
  • Partner with Verdant Innovations and gain authenticity in your claims for green/clean product development

Product Development / Private Label / Merchandising

  • Create products that are safer and more sustainable to meet your targets for delivering cleaner and safer products
  • Deliver higher quality products with stronger margins
  • Leverage Verdant Innovations Predictive Research & Development to be one step ahead in meeting consumer requirements

Quality / R&D

  • Increase quality of product with holistic approach to identifying quality issues in processing and improvement recommendations
  • Extend your R&D and Think Tank with a global PhD expert team bringing out-of-the-box thinking and predictive research
  • Accelerate innovation through collaboration

Sourcing Raw Materials / Partners

  • Meet Sustainability & Green initiatives by replacing Quat –based chemicals with high performance non-toxic chemicals created from earth’s natural resources
  • Partner with Verdant Innovations to create green chemicals for your specific products and processing environment
  • Gain critical green + sustainability certifications through partnership with Verdant Innovations

Owner Production Plants

  • Customized solutions for specific production conditions and product requirements for operational efficiencies
  • Identify problems holistically and provide recommendations that across process environment, operations, machinery and deliver a holistic solution
  • Replace or add chemical solutions to solve issues discovered for reduced downtime

President / CEO / CFO / Legal

  • Meet and surpass Sustainability + Green initiatives with chemical treatment and finishes all created from earth’s natural resources
  • Add confidence promoting certifications and transparency to your consumers on green products
  • Stay ahead of your industry with predictive research & development, identifying future consumer and environment regulations and trends

Hemp Farmers / Suppliers, Mills and Manufacturers

  • Collaborate with Verdant Innovations to produce more product with exclusive and patent-pending degumming process
  • Increase profitability through efficiencies, producing more product, and higher quality hemp for your partners
  • Gain high quality/high performance Hemp threads and fabric treated 100% with green chemistry