Verdant Innovations

Verdant Innovations is a Cellulose Solutions company. We have fully eliminated both quaternary ammonium compounds with ethoxylation, i.e., 1-4 dioxane from our line of solutions targeting the textile, non-woven, hemp and pulp industries.

Cellulose Solutions has been working with and treating “cellulose” fibres and components for many years and through our predictive R&D, testing, and depth of knowledge working with cellulose we were able to quickly create, test and prove our line of Fibre-Pure™ green chemistry for the industries we serve.

about us

Allan P Short President

Allan has over 35 years of experience in chemical innovation, including working with Dow Chemical Company, Betz Paper Chem,  KAO Specialties and Quaker Chemicals prior to founding Cellulose Solutions and Verdant Innovations.​ Over his career, Allan has developed global technology focused on fluff pulp and tissue applications, personal hygiene and has worked with the world’s leading fluff pulp producers and consumer products companies in the U.S.​

Allan Graduated in Forestry Paper Science from N.C. State University and resides in Alabama with his family. He holds 3 US Patents for Release agent technology and corrosion control.

Philanthropy is a large part of Allan’s personal life which is focused on providing children opportunities for their future. Allan’s passion is to deliver chemical innovation that is safe, clean and has a positive impact on our planet and people; creating a world for our future generations that is void of carcinogenic and toxic products.

Satish Hodage VP Product Development for Textiles, Non-Wovens

Satish has 22 plus years of chemical innovation experience in paper and packaging working with West Coast Paper Mill, Arjun-Eka Chemicals, Dow Corning. Satish joined Cellulose Solutions in 2018 and has been instrumental in the development of green chemicals and the creation of Verdant Innovations. He leads the development of new green softeners and antimicrobials as well as working directly with Hemp farmers on a new degumming process to increase production of fields.

Satish has a masters in Pulp and Paper Science. He now resides in Charlotte NC with his family.

Joe Klinge VP Sales, Pulp & Paper

Joe has 30 plus years of experience supporting applications in the pulp and paper, nonwovens and related industries working for companies including Sandoz Chemicals, Clariant Corporation and Archroma prior to joining Cellulose Solutions for the past 7 years in the sales leadership role focused on bringing sustainable specialty chemicals and the new line of green chemicals to the market, under Verdant Innovations.

Joe holds a bachelors degree in pulp and paper engineering from Western Michigan University and resides with his wife, two boys and two dogs in Alabama enjoying boating, fishing and scuba diving.

What’s important to us? Achieve Authenticity. Win Customers for Life.

Exponentially moving companies to meet their green/sustainability initiatives

We are committed to keeping abreast of ongoing research and government policies not just for today but for the future. Our predictive chemistry supports the future of consumer products on behalf of our mills, manufacturers, brands and retailers.

Invest in Consumer Transparency

Through education and alignment with government regulatory agencies worldwide, we are dedicated to educating the public with knowledge to help drive companies to deliver transparency into product composition and deliver green and sustainable products.

Predictive Science at our Core

We have a strong track record of predicting what’s next and delivering future requirements today so that our clients are leading their industries with products that meet consumer demands for safe and clean technologies.

Achieve Authenticity and win with consumers

consumers are educated and willing to spend more to be safe. Loyalty is based on authenticity from their brands and retailers and delivering what is important to them personally.

Protect Consumers and Contribute to a Circular Economy

Fibre-Pure™ Green Chemical solutions is the first line of 100% earth-based applications focused on our predictive research for what’s coming in consumer requirements and demands for the textile, non-woven, hemp and other industries we serve.

A promise for a bright future for many generations to come


We are invested in the future. We can assist our clients in protecting the planet and life through our green innovation providing safer and cleaner chemicals for consumer products.

Our Executive leadership for both Verdant Innovations and Cellulose Solutions is invested through our technology as well as Philanthropic activities focused on children.

The company’s core values align with commitments that positively impact a bright future for all generations today and those to come.

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